Ponderosa eatery and Saloon
Ponderosa eatery and Saloon
Steak Dinner
Our Everyday Menu
*Free WiFi *18% Gratuity added to parties of 6 or more - includes individual tickets within the same party *Carry-out orders add $.50 per to go container *ALL ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY *All substitutions add $2.50 *Extra Plates - $2.00 per plate


Tortilla chips smothered with beans & cheese, topped with fresh guacamole & sour cream.
Your choice of ground beef or chicken; pico de gallo or salsa.
Beef:  half order - $7.50    full order - $9.50
Chicken:  half order - $7.50    full order - $9.50

Chips & Dip
Tortilla chips & guacamole - $5.00
Chips & salsa - $3.25
Chips & queso - $4.25

Two flour tortillas filled with chicken, beef or veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms) & cheese. Served with guacamole & sour cream, your choice of salsa or pico de gallo.
Chicken - $9.50    Beef - $8.50    Veggie - $8.00

Taquitos    $5.25
Four corn tortillas filled with beef, rolled and deep fried, served with guacamole & sour cream.

Chile Fries    $6.25
A large portion of fries smothered in red or green chile with melted cheese.

Waffle Fries    $6.25
Seasoned waffle cut fries served with a tangy ranch dip.

Artichoke & Spinach Dip    $9.25
A blend of spinach, artichoke hearts and cheese served with flour tortilla chips,
french bread, carrot & celery sticks

Chile Bowl    $7.25
A bowl of red or green chile - plain or with cheese, meat & beans
served with a flour tortilla or sopapillas


Dinners are served with a salad, baked potato or fries, vegetables and a dinner roll

Rare - cool red center    Medium rare - warm red center    Medium - pink throughout
T-bone - $26.95    Rib-eye - $18.95    Top Sirloin - $15.95

Chicken Platter    $13.95
2 chicken breasts sautéed to perfection & served on a bed of sautéed mushrooms.

Cod Plate    $14.95
Beautiful filets, breaded and deep fried.


Served with potato chips, fries or a salad / Baked potato or waffle fries add $3.50

House Special - The Pondo Burger    $10.50
Lean ground beef served with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles on a toasted bun. Add anything else you want: cheese, bacon, chile, guacamole, mushrooms or grilled onions

Rueben    $9.50
A triple decker sandwich made with lean corned beef, topped with Swiss cheese and your choice of green chile, sauerkraut or both!

Steak Sandwich    $11.50
Top sirloin cooked just the way you like it, served open faced on Texas toast.
It is hard to pick up so we'll provide the knife and fork.

Patty Melt    $9.50
A lean ground beef patty, grilled & served on rye with melted Swiss cheese & grilled onions.

Pondo Turkey    $8.75
Turkey breast served on grilled French bread, smothered with con queso,.
garnished with guacamole & sautéed mushrooms. An East Mountain special!

French Dip    $9.50
The leanest roast beef this side of the freeway. Tender slices served on a roll with au jus dip.

Chicken Breast    $9.50
Grilled chicken breast with melted Swiss cheese & sautéed mushrooms
served on a toasted bun.

Ham, Turkey or Roast Beef Sandwich    $8.25
Cold or grilled sandwiches served on your choice of bread or a bun -
cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo served on request.


Served with chips & salsa, rice, beans & sopapillas - Your choice of red or green chile.

Steak & Enchiladas
A top sirloin cooked to order, served with two rolled cheese enchiladas and dinner salad.
With:   Cheese enchiladas- $14.95       Beef enchiladas - $15.95      Chicken enchiladas- $16.95

Steak Relleños    $18.50
A top sirloin served with two batter dipped & fried chile relleños & dinner salad.

Combination Plate    $15.50
Hope you're hungry!
A cheese enchilada, a chile relleño, a taco and a pork tamale.

Enchiladas - Beef or Cheese    $9.75
Three corn tortillas, rolled or flat, with chile, cheese and beef A great meal!
Chicken- $10.50       Carne Adovada - $11.50      Add egg or sour cream - $1.50

Chile Relleños    $11.50
Two large stuffed green chiles, batter dipped & deep fried then topped with chile & cheese.

Tacos -      Beef   $7.75      Chicken   $8.75
Three tacos topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato. Served with homemade salsa.

Burrito or Stuffed Sopapilla
Our delicious chile & cheese with your choice of...
Beans & potatoes - $8.25       Beef - $9.75      Carne adovada - $11.50      Chicken - $10.75

Fajitas    $14.95
Your choice of sirloin strips, tender strips of chicken breast, or both. Marinated,
served with sautéed onions, pico, guacamole, sour cream and 3 flour tortillas.
NOT served with beans & rice.

Huevos Rancheros    $8.75
An excellent way to start your day or night. Two eggs any style served on a large
flour tortilla with cheese, chile, beans & home fries.


Our homemade dressings served on the side: Ranch, French,
Blue Cheese, Italian or Thousand Island

Dinner Salad    $3.75
A generous portion of greens & vegetables.

The Chef    $9.50
Strips of fresh turkey breast, ham, cheese & hard boiled egg
served on a bed of fresh greens & veggies.

Taco Salad
A large deep fried flour tortilla bowl layered with beans, cheese & your choice of
beef or chicken. Topped with sour cream & guacamole.

Chicken - $9.75    Beef - $9.50



Chocolate Layer Cake    $5.50
Triple decker topped with chocolate cream frosting.

Cherry Cheese Cake    $5.50
Ala Mode add $1.50

Ice Cream    $2.75


All children's meals are served with a small beverage.

*Hamburger, Hot Dog or Grilled Cheese - choice of fries or chips
*Taco or Enchilada plate, or Bean, Beef or Chicken Burrito with cheese - with beans & rice

Ponderosa Breakfast
Sunday Breakfast Menu

Steak and Eggs   $10.95
2 country fresh eggs and a hearty sirloin steak served with golden fried hash browns
and your choice of toast, homemade biscuit or tortilla

Chicken Fried Steak   $9.95
Homestyle gravy smothered chicken fried steak with 2 country fresh eggs served with golden fried hash browns and your choice of toast, homemade biscuit or tortilla.

Patty and Eggs   $8.00
2 country fresh eggs and a lean beef patty served with golden fried hash browns
and your choice of toast, homemade biscuit or tortilla.

Homestyle Breakfast   $7.50
2 country fresh eggs served with golden fried hash browns and your choice of toast, homemade biscuit or tortilla. Also, your pick of country ham, bacon or sausage.

Omelets!   $8.25
4 to choose from: Veggie, Bacon, Sausage or Ham - 3 country fresh eggs covered in melted cheese served with golden fried hash browns and your choice of toast, homemade biscuit or tortilla.

Breakfast Burrito   $7.50
2 country fresh eggs, home fried potatoes and bacon all wrapped in a flour tortilla,
smothered in chile and melted cheese, served with golden fried hash browns.

Huevos Rancheros   $6.75
2 country fresh eggs, home fried potatoes and beans smothered with chile
and melted cheese, served atop a flour tortilla.

Texas Style French Toast   $4.50
6 pieces of golden brown french Texas toast topped with powdered sugar.

Biscuits and Country Gravy
2 biscuits smothered with country gravy $4.75     1 biscuit smothered with country gravy $3.25

Stack of Buttermilk Pancakes
3 lumber jack sized fresh off the griddle pancakes $4.95      Short stack $3.95

Children’s Breakfast (12 and under)   $3.95
Child-sized portion of any breakfast (except steak and eggs) including complimentary beverage

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